LL.B    University of Nigeria, Nsukka , 1986.

M.Sc  International relations, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 1992.

PhD.  International relations at the London School of Economics (LSE),  2005.

Professor of  Practice in International Business and Public Policy at Tufts University

President of the Institute of Governance and Economic Transformation

Former United Nations official

Former CBN deputy governor

The Nigerian national honour of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON)

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (FCIB)

Rotary International Distinguished Service Award






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  1. Chinelo Idowu J..

    Good luck and God bless. Make us proud if you are elected. Stop repeating the cycle of corruption, filling your own pockets while a nation sits in starvation, lack of public public sewer, sanitation amd water works system that all citizens can benefit from and children out of school due to unrealistic school fees attainable only by the few wealthy. You clearly grew up in upper middle class and likely cannot appreciate the struggles of most Nigerians and non existent healthcare system with lack of legislative bylaws to hold physicians accountable to the Hippocratic oath, broken amd corrupt immigration system that benefits only those willing to pay bribe money to the workers who lack supervision amd consequence of law and slaughtering tribal wars that seem endless and lack intervention to umite the country while the world and Nigeria sits and watches TV and prays endlessly while paralyzed by slumber, devastating…and the list goes on amd on. Nigeria is shameful in the world stage where its progress should be further than they are. They are still behaving like a country of barbarians in medieval times. It all goes back to a long succession of corrupt and ignorant leadership who were unwillimg to put their people first. Your people have waited a long time and your country is starved for progress. Be better if given the opportunity. The world is watching. Namaste.

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